TRE, Nico Rosberg & IAV invest almost € 3 million

TRE GmbH builds a test rig for vehicle measurement in Neustadt and invests almost € 3 million in the future viability of the site. “The new test rig significantly expands our capabilities and thus places an important building block in the current chassis development process. This opens up new avenues for our field of expertise and we firmly believe that this test rig will become an integral part of the development process at many automotive manufacturers,” says Boris Kirchner, Managing Director of TRE GmbH. TRE’s shareholders, Team Rosberg and IAV GmbH, also see this forward-looking investment as a way of further promoting TRE GmbH on its way to becoming a specialist in chassis development.

Nico Rosberg, Formula 1 world champion, investor and shareholder of TRE GmbH, has high hopes for the multi-million investment at the headquarters in Neustadt: “TRE is thus taking a decisive step in the direction of innovative chassis development and further expanding its global range of services for e-mobility. Driving dynamics and ride comfort are the focus and will be brought to a future-proof and sustainable level by means of the latest technology.”

The new test rig measures a vehicle’s center of gravity, mass distribution, and steering and axle characteristics with high precision. As a result, the energy consumption and tire wear of future vehicle generations can be significantly defined in the early development phase. “The kinematic and elastokinematic properties of a suspension have a great influence on the driving dynamics and ride comfort of a vehicle. This is exactly where TRE would like to offer customers from the automotive industry, in addition to the 7-post vertical dynamics test rig, another axle kinematics test rig for developing and optimizing the chassis,” says Axel Hoffman, Head of Concept Development and Design at TRE.

The 70-employee company from Neustadt is currently growing strongly and is looking for additional skilled workers for its expansion. Dr. Uwe Horn, Managing Director and Labor Director of IAV GmbH, confirms: “Jobs are being created that are fit for the future and form the basis for the company’s long-term success. Employees are working on sustainable and high-tech solutions to ensure that we continue to supply innovative chassis of the best quality in the future.” You can find the current job postings here.