Our K&C test bench is in operation

Another highlight was added to the TRE development center in Neustadt an der Weinstraße in October 2023: the Kinematics & Compliance test rig, or K&C for short. The electric test bench simulates vehicle behavior on the road with high precision and measures the center of gravity, mass distribution and the steering and axle characteristics of a vehicle.

The first measures for the construction were already taken in spring. Countless hours were spent preparing and coordinating, and a lot of sweat was shed. First of all, the hall was prepared and all unused materials removed: the installed tension plate was transported out of the hall by pallet truck and loaded and removed by crane. In order to create a base for the lifting platform and the test bench, the floor was marked according to the specified dimensions and cut out in a complex process. The floor slabs were then lifted out by crane. Almost 13.5 tons left our hall that day.

The next step was to pour the foundations for the lifting platform and the test bench. Due to the spatial conditions, a special concrete pump was used here.

During the drying phase of the foundation, our test hall was divided into two separate areas by means of a partition curtain: the 7-poster rig and the K&C test bench. The fabric for the partition wall was delivered on site as a whole and cut to size and sewn together by hand into individual panels before being expertly attached to the hall ceiling.

The scissor lift, which forms the basis of the new test bench and can lift vehicles weighing up to 6.8 tons, was then installed in the K&C area.

In September, the time had come and we were delighted when the two trucks arrived with the valuable freight from the ABDynamics plant in the UK.

After installation and calibration, the K&C went into operation shortly afterwards.

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