Starting with the proverbial blank sheet of paper

… or the available installation space, we develop individual concepts, also for test vehicles and show cars. We determine promising development approaches with the help of initial simulation calculations and CAD construction space investigations.

In addition to classic axle concepts such as McPherson front axles and multi-link rear axles, we also design new approaches in the field of e-mobility. The Schaeffler Mover demonstrates such an innovative concept. Here, the development ranged from the concept to the design and construction of the first real axle modules.

The automotive supplier Schaeffler had a vision of a flexible platform that would enable extreme steering angles of up to 90° by means of a wheel hub drive. TRE found the solution in the Intelligent Corner Module, which includes drive and brake, but also steering, suspension and damping. Here, completely new effects for driving stability and functional safety had to be taken into account.

Thanks to this chassis, the vehicle can, among other things, park sideways and turn on the spot. This results in unique application possibilities in urban areas. Depending on the desired use, bodies for passenger and freight transport can be mounted on the compact and variable “rolling chassis” without having to adapt the drive and running gear.


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